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Sustainable Living Center

$mart Business Partner Program

Applications due by 10/25/2019




TITLE:                        Technical Outreach Representative


PERIOD COVERED: July 1, 2019 – December 30, 2021


REPORTS TO:          Project Coordinator


SUPERVISES:           Not Applicable


HOURS REQUIRED: Up to 20 hours per week (flexible schedule but most to be performed during business hours)


COMPENSATION:    $25-30/hour - Depending on experience and qualifications



The Technical Outreach Representative for the $mart Business Partner Program works with businesses to encourage their adopting voluntary practices to protect, preserve, and improve the environment as well as their economic bottom line.  Businesses meeting the program’s criteria can become a member of the $mart Business Partner Program and display a decal to that effect in their window. 




Work with businesses to adopt conservation goals, facilitate reaching those goals, and measure progress.  Specifically, contact active, semi-active, and past $mart Business Partner and soloicit their continued or renewed participation in the program and introduce at least 100 businesses in the water and energy intensive as well as other industries to the $mart Business Partner Program with the goal of at least 50 becoming $mart Business Partners. Goals cover areas such as energy (utility), purchasing, toxics, water, and waste reduction.  Assist businesses to apply to become $mart Business Partners.  Limited participation in public events may be involved as a way of advertising the program to businesses.


Educational Tools

In cooperation with the Project Coordinator, prepare hand out materials as necessary, suggest updates to the $mart Business Partner Guide, and distribute decals to businesses earning them.


Activity Tracking and Reporting:  Track and record businesses contacted, businesses visited, goals set and completed, quantities reduced, cost savings



  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively with all types of business owners

  • Demonstrated ability to communicate potential cost savings by reducing energy, materials, toxics, waste, and water

  • Demonstrated ability to work in an organized and efficient manner

  • Demonstrated ability to meet deadlines

  • Demonstrated ability to quickly learn new skills

  • Demonstrated ability to make a project grow





  • Demonstrated ability to identify potential resources to help businesses meet their goals

  • Bi-lingual in spanish



Work is typically performed both in an office setting and in the field, working with businesses on site. 



  • Concentration:  Situations encountered may be unclear and require clarification and anaylysis. 

  • Judgment/Temperament:  Must have enthusiasm for work and be able to display tact and diplomacy when encouraging businesses to participate in the $mart Business Partners Program



  • High School Diploma or GED

  • Business experience (understanding needs of business owners)

  • Basic knowledge of environmental conservation/reduction principles

  • Basic computer skills, including the ability to use e-mail, MS Word, and Excel, and the ability to do Internet research.

  • Basic math skills to calculate cost savings


NOTE: This is a general description of essential job functions. It is not intended to describe all duties the employee may perform.





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For questions, contact:


Erendira Cruz, Director -

Sandra Cannon, Program Coordinator -

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